The Essential Component of Better Vision™

IntraLase® is rapidly becoming known as the KEY INGREDIENT to optimizing visual results in laser vision correction surgery. This exceptional technology, known as the IntraLase® FS, provides a LESS INVASIVE, COMPUTER CONTROLLED APPROACH to the important first step of the laser vision correction procecure.

This step, traditionally performed with a surgical blade, has now been enhanced by the laser's MICRON LEVEL ACCURACY. This remarkable precision technology enables you to choose laser vision correction WITH CONFIDENCE and dramtically REDUCES the RISK of COMPLICATION. In fact, more patients may now be candidates for laser vision correction due to this UNIQUE LEVEL of PRECISION that was previously unavailable, making laser vision correction enriched with IntraLase® one of the safest forms of surgical vision correction available today.

Comparative clinical studies between "mechanical" microkeratomes and femtosecond laser has confirmed that IntraLase® offers benefits beyond smoother flaps but significant enhanced predictability in terms of thickness, depth and diameter as requested by the surgeon.


Placement of The Instruments

After your eye has been completely numbed using "eye drop" anesthesia, a suction ring will be placed in the eye to prevent movement or blinking during the procedure.


Creation of the Flap

Next, the femtosecond laser head is docked to the inner part of the suction ring and the laser beam known as a IntraLase® makes a protective flap in the cornea. During this process you will feel a pressure sensation but no pain.


Focusing on the Beam

The flap is then folded back and you will be asked to look directly at a target light.


Laser Reshapes

You will focus on the target light while the second laser (excimer) reshapes the cornea, usually in less than a minute.


Replace the Flap

The protective flap is then gently folded and placed back in its original position

Be sure to insist that your procedure is ENRICHED WITH IntraLase®.