UltraVision Lifetime Pledge

UltraVision makes a commitment to stand behind the results of a patient's distance vision because we confide in Dr. Tomy Starck who's LASIK experience spans for more than a decade. Together with the latest and innovative technology, this winning combination offers results that are backed up by our Lifetime Pledge program.
The Lifetime Pledge is Ultravision's commitment that if an enhancement is needed to maintain the results of a patient's distance vision, the patients who qualify will receive the enhancement at no additional cost.

Who Qualifies For The UltraVision Lifetime Pledge?

Patients who have had laser vision correction at UltraVision are eligible for the Lifetime Pledge. Patients who are nearsighted (myopic), farsighted (hyperopic) and astigmatic qualify for this program.
To maintain eligibility in the UltraVision Lifetime Pledge, patients need to return annually to UltraVision or an affiliate doctor for an eye exam.

What If I Require A Personalized Lasik Upgrade?

If a patient had traditional LASIK, then qualified for the Ultravision Lifetime Pledge, and requires a Personalized LASIK upgrade, the patient will be charged for the difference between the current cost of traditional LASIK and the current cost of Personalized LASIK. If the patient originally had Personalized LASIK, then qualified for the UltraVision Lifetime Pledge, and requires a Personalize LASIK enhancement, it will be performed at no additional cost.


How Do I Enroll In The UltraVision Lifetime Pledge Program?

Patients who have Personalized LASIK are automatically enrolled in the UltraVision Lifetime Pledge the day after the laser vision correction is performed for the treatment of myopia and/or astigmatism. An UltraVision Lifetime Pledge Membership Card will be provided to eligible patients the day after their procedure and after signing an UltraVision Lifetime Pledge Acknowledgement, stating they understand the conditions of the program.