Optometrists in San Antonio, TX

Optometry is a medical specialty focused on vision and eye health. As doctors of optometry, Dr. Harrison spent at least four years in postgraduate optometry school to become experts in managing your eye care needs.The optometrists at UltraVision examine, diagnose, and treat eye diseases and injuries, and provide prescriptions for eyeglasses.The optometrists also monitor your eye health and treat or manage various eye-related diseases, such as dry eye, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy.

Differences between optometry and ophthalmology

Both the optometrists and ophthalmologists at UltraVision address your eye health and vision needs, but an optometrist focuses primarily on your eyesight, while an ophthalmologist focuses on eye conditions that may require surgery.Both doctors can assess your vision and prescribe glasses, but an optometrist can’t perform surgery.


How often do I need to see an optometrist?

You should visit UltraVision for a comprehensive eye exam every one to two years. Regular visits with your optometrist allow them to not only test your vision and update your eyeglass prescription but also evaluate your eye health.

Conditions like glaucoma, which is a change in eye pressure, develop without causing symptoms and can affect vision if left untreated. Your optometrist uses a tonometer during your eye exam to assess eye pressure and test for glaucoma.

Everyone, whether you wear glasses or not, should see the optometrist regularly.


What can I expect during a session with an optometrist?

Thorough examinations when evaluating you and your eye health. Your examination includes:● Review of your health history and medication● Vision tests, including an assessment for astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness● Eye pressure test for glaucoma● Examination of the interior of your eyes to check for cataracts or macular degeneration
After your examination, your eye doctor may provide you with an eyeglass prescription, prescribe medication to treat an eye issue like dry eyes or discuss your vision and eye health. As a full-service eye center, UltraVision can also fill your eyeglass prescription.

If you need eye surgery, your optometrist will refer you to Dr. Starck or Dr. Sepulveda, the experienced ophthalmologists at UltraVision.