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UltraVision LASIK and Cataract Surgery Video Testimonials

Just had cataract surgery on both eyes. The results are excellent (20/15 both eyes) and the entire process was superb. Dr. Starck and his team, both at his Heuermann Rd office and the surgical facility and teams, are the best. The process was most professional and I simply rate them the highest. Dr. Starck knows his stuff. I highly recommend him.

Gary B.Submitted 05/22/20

I had my 2nd cataract surgery done in July 2019. My vision is absolutely great! Can read the small print and see street signs...even at night! Wonderful experience.

Janet N.Submitted 10/04/19

After growing up wearing coke bottle thick glasses & as a young adult expensive contacts, it was time for me to stop spending money on glasses and contacts. Enter Dr. Tomy Starck, known as my DR. EYE SUPERHERO. In 2005, he did a very new procedure called LASIK on my eyes. For the first time at the age of 42, I saw the true world I lived in through my eyes without glasses or contact lens. Dr. Starck literally opened my eyes to a whole new world. He warned me that my eyes would still progress with my age and eventually I would need reading glasses. I'm 56 years old, and though I could still see clearly, DPS said I needed glasses to drive. I knew who could turn this around. Thanks to Dr. Starck, as of 7/18/19, I am back to 20/20 vision. DR. EYE SUPERHERO to my rescue. This time, instead of tweaking my LASIK procedure, Dr. Starck & I decided a Refractive Lensectomy would be the best route to go for a better long term outlook...in other words, he removed the lens in my eyes and replaced them with a new lens. Dr. Starck and his staff [especially Adrianna Soto & all the staff that took the time to do many tests on my eyes] are kind, gracious, caring & give superior care before, during, & after my procedure. My journey is not over, but the rest falls on me to keep my appointments and work with Dr. Starck to keep my eyes healthy. Dr. Starck is the standard all eye doctors should be measured by. Just as I read on pamphlets and I see on advertisements Dr. Tomy Starck is..."The Doctor that Doctor's Trust." Going to Dr. Starck was my first thought after I left DPS and was the only option for me. Who better to go to then the doctor who gave me my sight at 42. Thank You, Dr. Starck...see you soon!!!

Maria R.Submitted 07/22/19

I have been through it all (LASIK, a hole in my macula in both eyes, and cataract surgery) totaling six surgeries in all, and seeing a countless amount of doctors. I can say without a doubt that UltraVision is the most superb practice I have stepped foot in. From the warm friendly greeting at the front desk to the well-trained technicians, to the extremely knowledgeable Dr. Starck. I finally found a practice to call home. There is no hesitation to say Dr. Tomy Starck and the management of UltraVision know exactly what they are doing. Thank you for caring about your patients!

Dru B.Submitted 05/16/19

The UltraVision staff is undeniably the best I have encountered in years. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the management goes above and beyond. Perfect visit!

Becky S.Submitted 05/16/19

Very professional service.

Rogelio M.Submitted 05/14/19

First, it was the receptionist, she was outstanding. I left my readers at home and she helped fill out my paperwork. Second, the technicians were absolutely awesome. Third, the doctor was very thorough in his test and Explaining the results. And scheduling an appointment with a retina specialist as soon as possible. Back to the first, The receptionist. She immediately got on the phone and scheduled the appointment for 1 PM that same day. Gave me the paperwork and directions to the specialist And also she faxed the information to the specialist immediately. Thank you Ultravision

Robert N.Submitted 11/04/21

I want to express my utmost gratitude to Dr. Tomy Starck and his staff at Ultra Vision. I had a stress-free and very successful intraocular lens surgery on both my eyes. I now have perfect vision without glasses or contact lenses.

Sandra E.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Starck is very informative about questions and concerns I had. His staff is very caring just like him.

 Evelyn E.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Starck performed my LASIK procedure 20 years ago and now Cataract surgery on both eyes. Excellent results and excellent care.

 Karen W.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Starck and everyone at UltraVision were very nice and professional and showed they generally cared about answering your questions and concerns about cataract surgery. I will be booking my surgery within the next few weeks.

 Michele W.Submitted 11/04/21

The eye exam prior to surgery was complex. The day before surgery my vision was 20/400. The day after my surgery my vision was 20/15. There was no pain And I could see perfectly. Dr. Tomy Starck is very personable and professional as well as his staff..I am 70 years old and never dreamed I would see this good again.

 Michael A.Submitted 11/04/21

I have worn glasses since 1st grade. In one week, after two easy procedures, I have 20/20 vision. My vision in my left eye is literally 10 times better than before and my cataracts are gone. I see better than I did with my glasses. The staff is friendly, helpful, and considerate. Dr. Starck is passionate about helping people to enjoy excellent vision without glasses.

 Jo H.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Stark is a skilled surgeon. He’s also a kind and patient doctor who took the time to explain the cataract process and address my pre-and post-op questions. He surrounds himself with a great team of healthcare professionals and office staff. His many years of experience enable him to understand unusual patient concerns and to address them in terms the patient clearly understands. I couldn’t be happier with my restored vision!

 Joan C.Submitted 11/04/21

Highly recommend Dr. Tomy Starck and his highly trained and professional staff. Very thorough exams. I had cataract surgery and lens replacement for severe nearsightedness. I had worn glasses for 55 years. I now have 20/20 vision. Should have seen him sooner. Surgery was scheduled quickly. Very happy with the outcome. Thank you

 Cindy G.Submitted 11/04/21

Got my Lasik surgery done here with Dr. Starck last week! I was really nervous but he walked me through everything and was super professional. The procedure was quick and so worth it. The staff was also very helpful and kind. I would definitely recommend getting Lasik or anything else eye-related done here. They also have a great selection of reading glasses and sunglasses!!

 Stephanie C.Submitted 11/04/21

Absolutely INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE! Originally I was referred to a different MD who only wanted to make sure that I knew what was covered by insurance and what wasn't. Then we found Dr. STARCK and the total experience got perfect really fast. He spent time explaining his procedures and timelines and took his time to answer ALL of our questions. He even cost less and scheduled the procedures faster than that first Dr. The operations are 100% successful and we couldn't have been better treated. My vision is back to 20/15 in both eyes and I can now see better than I have in many years. Thanks, Dr. Starck for a masterful job and experience. HMS PS. I have already referred friends to Dr. Starck.

 Howard S.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Starck and his team gave me excellent care for my recent cataract replacements and provided an excellent result! Both my wife and I have had LASIK treatments as well more recent cataract replacements at Ultravision and recommend them without reservation.

 Mike B.Submitted 11/04/21

Could not be happier with the service and the staff at this location. Super friendly and attentive. Makes you feel like family. Absolutely love the staff, and would suggest this place to anyone looking for a wonderful place for your eye care needs...knowledgeable and courteous even with us difficult patients lol...definitely chose the right place for my family

 Katie G.Submitted 11/04/21

My experience with Dr. Stark and his staff have been wonderful. I chose the symphony lens is to replace my cataracts And I could not be happier. I now have 2020 vision in both eyes and would recommend Dr. Stark to anyone who needs surgery. He’s the best!

 Marilynn G.Submitted 11/04/21

The best doctor not only in San Antonio but I would say nationwide. He did my LASIK as well as see me for eye infections and regular eye exams. I had a foreign body in my eye and he immediately took care of me within the same day. If you care about your eyes pick Tony stark.

 Yasmeen A.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Starck gave me back something I have not had in years. The ability to see clearly. I've worn corrective lenses, glasses, and contacts since I was a child. My entire adult life my vision without correction was a total blur. The clear lens exchange he performed on my eyes has been nothing short of a miracle. After the surgery, I immediately was able to see clearly. It's been two days since my lens exchange and it only continues to get better. I am grateful to him and his wonderful staff that helped me recover something I have not had in years..clear vision without correction. Thank you, Dr. Starck and team!

 Patrick D.Submitted 11/04/21

Dr. Starck has a beautiful practice and has a lot of patients and it can be very busy there. He is busy because they’re good. Dr.Starck and his Doctors and crew are top-notch and yes some visits are quick and fast and some a little longer. I had cataract surgery and upgraded with multiple focus lens and it was a life-changing surgery. I had worn glasses and contacts for 45 years and now I have 20/20 vision with no glasses. Last Sunday I discovered my youngest grandson who is 6 years old has green eyes. I will recommend them hands down. it’s your eyes you want the best.

 Paul G.Submitted 11/04/21

Excellent vision care for whatever your needs. Professional and courteous staff. They ALL place the patient’s needs and eye care first. Extremely satisfied. He and his staff exceeded our expectations!!!!! I have recommended friends and family to be treated by him and his staff. My pop, my sister, brother-in-law, and I can attest to the fine services received.
Consider Dr. Starck’s before all others!
You will not be disappointed!

 Bill R.Submitted 11/04/21

I had the most incredible experience with Dr. Starck. Adriana helped me through the process of getting f everything set up. They really took care of me. This was truly an amazing experience. Thank you! I can finally see!

 Iliana G.Submitted 11/04/21