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Just had cataract surgery on both eyes. The results are excellent (20/15 both eyes) and the entire process was superb. Dr. Starck and his team, both at his Heuermann Rd office and the surgical facility and teams, are the best. The process was most professional and I simply rate them the highest. Dr. Starck knows his stuff. I highly recommend him.

Gary B.Submitted 05/22/20

I had my 2nd cataract surgery done in July 2019. My vision is absolutely great! Can read the small print and see street signs...even at night! Wonderful experience.

Janet N.Submitted 10/04/19

After growing up wearing coke bottle thick glasses & as a young adult expensive contacts, it was time for me to stop spending money on glasses and contacts. Enter Dr. Tomy Starck, known as my DR. EYE SUPERHERO. In 2005, he did a very new procedure called LASIK on my eyes. For the first time at the age of 42, I saw the true world I lived in through my eyes without glasses or contact lens. Dr. Starck literally opened my eyes to a whole new world. He warned me that my eyes would still progress with my age and eventually I would need reading glasses. I'm 56 years old, and though I could still see clearly, DPS said I needed glasses to drive. I knew who could turn this around. Thanks to Dr. Starck, as of 7/18/19, I am back to 20/20 vision. DR. EYE SUPERHERO to my rescue. This time, instead of tweaking my Lasik procedure, Dr. Starck & I decided a Refractive Lensectomy would be the best route to go for a better long term outlook...in other words, he removed the lens in my eyes and replaced them with a new lens. Dr. Starck and his staff [especially Adrianna Soto & all the staff that took the time to do many tests on my eyes] are kind, gracious, caring & give superior care before, during, & after my procedure. My journey is not over, but the rest falls on me to keep my appointments and work with Dr. Starck to keep my eyes healthy. Dr. Starck is the standard all eye doctors should be measured by. Just as I read on pamphlets and I see on advertisements Dr. Tomy Starck is..."The Doctor that Doctor's Trust." Going to Dr. Starck was my first thought after I left DPS and was the only option for me. Who better to go to then the doctor who gave me my sight at 42. Thank You, Dr. Starck...see you soon!!!

Maria R.Submitted 07/22/19

I have been through it all (LASIK, a hole in my macula in both eyes, and cataract surgery) totaling six surgeries in all, and seeing a countless amount of doctors. I can say without a doubt that UltraVision is the most superb practice I have stepped foot in. From the warm friendly greeting at the front desk to the well-trained technicians, to the extremely knowledgeable Dr. Starck. I finally found a practice to call home. There is no hesitation to say Dr. Tomy Starck and the management of UltraVision know exactly what they are doing. Thank you for caring about your patients!

Dru B.Submitted 05/16/19

The UltraVision staff is undeniably the best I have encountered in years. Extremely friendly and knowledgeable and the management goes above and beyond. Perfect visit!

Becky S.Submitted 05/16/19

Very professional service.

Rogelio M.Submitted 05/14/19