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Alcon Allegretto Specialist

Many patients who are considering LASIK surgery want to know how they can trust the laser to make the precise changes needed to correct their vision. The answer is found in the Alcon Allegretto, which guides the laser’s movement. When it comes to restoring your vision, the doctors at UltraVision use advanced technology that’s proven to be safe and effective. To learn more about the Alcon Allegretto or to find out if you’re a good candidate for LASIK, book an appointment online or call one of the offices in San Antonio or Eagle Pass, Texas.

1. What is the Alcon Allegretto?

Alcon is the company that produces the Allegretto WaveLight® EX500 excimer laser. This exceptional laser system performs LASIK surgery with greater speed and accuracy than other techniques.
During your surgery, Allegretto Wave® technology directs the laser by tracking the position of your eye. It checks hundreds of times per second, verifying the position of your eye before every pulse of the laser.
With the Allegretto, every time the laser sends out a light wave, you can be sure it’s targeting the right spot on your eye. If your eye moves too much, the Allegretto detects the change and stops the laser. This technology ensures the laser only touches the exact areas of your cornea that need reshaping.

2. Why does my cornea need reshaping?

Your cornea is responsible for bending light as it enters your eye so that light waves focus onto the retina. The way the cornea bends light is determined by its shape — it must be perfectly spherical to produce clear vision.
When any small area of your cornea is too flat, steep, or irregular, light is not focused and you end up with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism.
Many people correct these refractive errors with eyeglasses or contacts, but with LASIK surgery, you can do away with both.

3. How does LASIK with the Alcon Allegretto WaveLight laser work?

Using the Allegretto WaveLight excimer laser, your UltraVision doctor precisely removes microscopic pieces of your cornea to restore its natural shape and effectively correct your vision. Your doctor develops a customized plan for your surgery by creating a customized map of your cornea that shows its topography and how light bends.
When the LASIK surgery starts, your doctor uses an IntraLase femtosecond laser to cut a flap in the outer layer of the cornea. After the flap is folded back, the excimer laser sculpts your cornea. This is done under the guidance of Allegretto technology, which uses detailed information from your eye map to ensure precise surgery.
When your surgery is finished, the flap is carefully replaced, which promotes quicker healing of your cornea.
Most patients regain normal vision following LASIK surgery, a result that’s more likely to occur with the Alcon Allegretto technology. To schedule a LASIK consultation, use online booking or call UltraVision today.