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Considering Contact Lenses? Here's What You Should Know

Considering Contact Lenses? Here's What You Should Know

Around 45 million people in the U.S. wear contact lenses to correct their vision.  Even though glasses are cool, contact lenses can make life a little bit easier whether it’s playing sports or you just want to escape those frames for a night downtown.

There are a few things you should know if you’re considering trying contact lenses, so let’s delve into what they are and how you can make the best choice for your eye health and vision.


The problems you have with your vision can affect the contact lenses you’re able to wear, so it’s important that you have regular eye exams to check your current prescription and the overall health of your eyes.

We provide a comprehensive eye exam here at UltraVision  to fully evaluate the health of your eyes and strength of vision. We’ll advise you on whether you’re a good candidate for contact lenses when helping you decide how to correct your vision. Contact lenses might not be the best choice for you if:

  1. often have dry and itchy eyes
  2. work in a dusty environment
  3. regularly suffer with eye infections and allergies
  4. aren’t comfortable at the thought of putting lenses in your eye


There’s more than one type of contact lens available, which means if one hasn’t suited you in the past, there are other options you can try. The old-fashioned lenses with which most people are familiar are polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Made from hard plastic, they’re great at providing sharp vision, but can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods.

Soft contact lenses are the more common option as they are thin and pliable for a snug fit, making them much more comfortable, but thanks to recent advances in technology, silicone hydrogel lenses are also available. These are currently the most popular contact lens in the U.S. because they’re permeable, allowing more oxygen to reach your eye for a better and more comfortable contact lens wearing experience.

In addition to hard and soft lenses, UltraVision offers gas permeable and hybrid contact lenses for improved vision and comfort according to your particular needs. It’s easy to be fashionable with your contact lenses, too, as they come in a range of colors ready for when you want to switch things up with a new shade.


Once you’ve decided on the type of contact lens you want to try, the vision care experts here at UltraVision will guide you through inserting your lenses, taking them out, and taking good care of your lenses.

You should always thoroughly wash and dry your hands before going near your eyes to insert, or remove, your contact lenses to minimize the risk of bacteria entering your eye. This is important to prevent eye infections like conjunctivitis or bacterial keratitis.

It’s also important that you never sleep with your contact lenses in place. This is the number one cause of corneal ulcers, as wearing contact lenses for too long stops oxygen getting to the cornea, making it more susceptible to infection. Always follow the instructions you’re given about when to wear your contact lenses and don’t be tempted to re-use your daily disposables as the protein build-up on the lens can irritate your eye and cause infection.