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Verion Specialist in San Antonio Texas

Surgery of any kind is nerve-wracking, and cataract surgery is no exception. To improve their precision and your outcome, the eye care experts at UltraVision use the Verion™ Image Guided System when performing cataract surgeries at their San Antonio and Eagle Pass, Texas offices.

1. What are cataracts?

Cataracts occur when proteins in your eye begin to clump together and form a cloud over your natural lens. Cataracts develop at varying rates and can occur in one eye or both. They are more common as you get older, although you can also develop cataracts after an eye injury.Initially, your UltraVision eye doctor may recommend glasses to help improve your vision; if cataracts worsen, your doctor may recommend corrective surgery. During cataract surgery, your eye surgeon removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). Following surgery, you may no longer need your glasses.

2. What is Verion?

The Verion Image Guided System is a tool the eye care specialists at UltraVision use to improve cataract surgery outcomes. The system works in three ways: image, plan, and guide.
ImageThe diagnostic tool is first used to capture a digital image of your eye. The advanced imaging system takes precise measurements of your eye, which is used to assist in planning your surgical procedure.
PlanOnce your detailed image is captured, it’s then uploaded to the intuitive planning software, which your eye care specialist uses to create a detailed surgical plan for your cataract surgery. The software assists in the digital eye marking for the incisions and proper rotation of the eye.
GuideYour eye surgeon uses the image and plan created with the advanced software as a map for your surgery. The map is placed over your eye so your eye surgeon knows precisely where to make the cuts and how to position your eye so you get the best vision after your surgery. The Verion guide also assists with aligning your replacement lens.

3. What if I have astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a common eye condition that causes blurry vision, and your eye care specialist may be able to correct your astigmatism during your cataract surgery. The Verion Image Guided System contains software specific for astigmatism, which your eye care specialist incorporates when planning your cataract surgery.