Before the reshaping of your cornea begins, a thin flap is cut on the outer layer of the cornea. During standard refractive surgery, this is done using a tool called a microkeratome blade. Most of our other LASIK competitors only offer standard LASIK using the microkeratome blade. These centers may sound enticing because of their reduced LASIK cost. Please remember, those LASIK centers also have a greater risk of acquiring complications on the cornea, such as inconsistent corneal thickness, creation of an incomplete microkeratome flap, undefined flap edges, corneal swelling, and increase risk of epithelial growth under the flap. Thus, not allowing you to achieve 20/20 vision. The standard LASIK flap is created with a handheld human-operated blade and there is no absolute control over the unforeseen. UltraVision bladeless LASIK creates the flap with an intricate laser that is designed to stop when there is any sudden movement or any sign of complications that may occur preventing error.
UltraVision Surgeons are far from standard. Our surgeons take pride in achieving perfection with each and every patient that we treat. The surgeons at UltraVision perform ULTRAVISION BLADELESS LASIK using the advanced FDA certified IntraLase® Femtosecond Laser, instead of a microkeratome blade than other LASIK centers use to create their flaps. UltraVision bladeless LASIK Intralase Femtosecond Laser creates flaps with micron-level accuracy creating smooth and precise edges with consistent thickness.

UltraVision surgeons gently lift the flap aside in order to reshape the cornea utilizing the next laser, The Alcon Allegretto WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser. The Alcon Allegretto 500 Hz WaveLight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the world's fastest excimer laser today. We recommend the treatment that will be for your specific visual needs and lifestyle. As a general rule, we have preferred the Allegretto for UltraVision bladeless LASIK surgeries because of its precision and fast eye-tracking system. The eye tracker on the Allegretto checks the position of your eye 500 times per second and makes adjustments to make sure the laser spot is targeted towards the correct location on your cornea. If the verification cannot be made, the laser does not release the spot during your UltraVision bladeless LASIK procedure. During your surgery, the Allegretto Wave® Technology tracks the position of your eye hundreds of times each second and adjusts the laser as needed to ensure the most precise surgery. As the laser sculpts microscopic pieces from your cornea, it preserves the spherical shape of your cornea. Once your cornea has been reshaped, your surgeon will return the flap back into its original place when your UltraVision bladeless LASIK is complete. The use of the IntraLase® Femtosecond Laser allows the flap to fit perfectly on the cornea which promotes quick healing and an increased comfort level for our patients during and after their procedure.